Attention: All Network Marketing Distributors!

Almost Everything
Your Company And Your Upline
Taught You About How To Run
A Network Marketing Business
Is Pure Bullshit And Is Killing
Your Success

Most People Who Join A Network Marketing Opportunity In Nigeria Never Achieve Any Significant Success, Let Alone Make Any Real Money Long Term; No Matter How Hard They Work Or How Much Money They Spend In Building Their Business!

From 3 Top Network Marketing Mentors:

Casmire Okafor, Dino Nedelko and Charles McAnthony
Re: Blast Income System

Let us ask you a couple of questions... and be honest when you answer

  • Are you truly interested in finding an honest way of making money with network marketing?
  • Are you excited by the prospect of earning so much money from network marketing but unsure of how best to go about it without appearing like a brainwashed fanatic pushing a pyramid scheme?
  • Have you ever been into any of the following distributorships: AIM Global, Forever Living Products (FLP), Kedi, Green World, Mary Kay, GNLD etc.? Were you disappointed with your experience in any of those distributorships and consequently concluded that network marketing does not work?
  • Or are you presently in a multilevel marketing company but are not making any headway, rather you are spending yourself into debt and working yourself into a fanatical promoter of a get-rich-quick pyramid scheme?
  • Are you jumping from one program to another hoping to hit it big with the latest opportunity that hits town?
  • Do you really want to know the only genuine way to earn residual income from network marketing?

If you can honestly say “yes” to any of these questions, read on for the solutions you need.

Why do most people fail to make money from network marketing?

Firstly, when it comes to network marketing, most people do not know how to choose a company with a generous compensation plan.

They end up in a company with a stingy compensation plan that uses distributers as economic slaves who toil like war captives in Egypt building pyramids for the Pharaohs.

When distributors make this critical mistake, they’re headed for failure no matter how hard they work at building the business.

For you however, you won’t have to make the same mistake after you’re done with this information. Even if you have already made this mistake, take heart. We will help you correct it!

Secondly, there is no upline support. Rather than guide and support their new recruits, the upline sponsors are either too busy with their own self-serving business interests or are too confused to offer meaningful advice.

Sometimes, it is a case of the blind trying to lead the blind; with team leaders who know next to nothing about how to build a thriving network marketing business, yet they pose to teach their followers how to do so.

Having exhausted whatever creativity they never even had from day one, they get their downline distributors more confused whenever they seek for help.

Thirdly, most people use unprofessional, outdated and unattractive business building methods. They hunt after their friends, pester family members and exploit existing relationships all in an effort to sign up people into their multi-level program. By so doing, they make themselves appear as desperate con-men pushing their pyramid scheme and looking for people to defraud.

As a result, people tend to see them as a nuisance to avoid. In the long run, they not only lose their investments but also their friends, their reputation, and even their confidence in the network marketing business model.

“But some are making it”, you may argue.

Well, the truth is:

With Each Success Story of Network Marketing Glory, There Are Ninety-Nine Untold Horror Stories of Disappointments, Frustrations and Financial Disasters For Sincere People Who Could Have Succeeded If Given A Generous
Compensation Plan By The Company And Practical Team Support By Their Upline!

But they never get them.

The funny part which is no fun at all is that these people were promised financial freedom and the prospect of changing their lives.

Unfortunately, their lives actually changed, but not for the better. It would have been better if their lives remained the same!

Those ones you think are making money in Nigeria are passing sleepless nights and are under constant pressure to maintain their status and their earnings by the end of each month. Often times they don’t.


Because their businesses are built on faulty and shaky foundations. The success they presently relish will soon turn to a nightmare. It is just a matter of time for them to realize that reality! We know because it has happened to us in the past.

My partner and I were basking in network marketing glory some years back. We were considered the shakers and movers in our former company.

Then it happened!

Our group’s performance began a nose-dive. We began losing volume and downline. Ultimately, our monthly earnings drastically reduced. Distributors were dropping out at the same rate they were signing up irrespective of the money we spent on incentives and motivation.

Then it struck us! We realized we must do something or else what we feared most would become our reality.

We therefore embarked on serious research that would eventually cut the journey to network marketing success to the shortest distance possible.

What if you can take advantage of the experience and expertise of three industry-based mentors and ride on their backs on your journey to network marketing success?

Rather Than Running Your Business All Alone While Your Upline Sponsors Wait To Leverage Off Your Efforts And Earn Commissions On The Volume You Work So Hard To Generate, Would It Not Be Sweet If  You Could Log Into Your Back Office of The Company’s Replicated Website And See a Number Of New Recruits Whom Your Upline Sponsors Have Enrolled And Placed Under You Even Before You Could Talk To Anyone About Your New Business!

What if you can earn on the volume generated by those distributors by simply doing a little yourself?

How many people do you think will drop out of the business if they are to have distributors in their downline sponsored by one or more of their upline team members?

Will it not be impossible for anyone to abandon an already growing team of distributor downline because he is yet to sign up a referral?

Even if he is required to personally sponsor a referral or two before he can earn team commissions from his already-made downline organization, that will not be a problem for someone who really wants to do business.

Instead, that instant result he has seen from the efforts of his upline sponsors will surely motivate him to learn how to recruit his direct referrals so he can start earning, especially when there is a professional system he can utilize.

What if you are required to build ONLY one leg of a binary network while your upline sponsors build your other leg with you? 

Many companies come up with complicated marketing and compensation plans that require distributors to recruit as many direct legs on their frontline as humanly possible before they can get to the top ranks on the comp plan.

Everyone then embarks on a marathon race of recruitment and no one wants to be left behind. Under such compensation plans there will never be a true upline support because the plan pitches you against everyone else as you compete with your upline and downline team members for prospects.

There was even a case of an upline sponsor and her direct recruit fighting over a prospect they co-incidentally invited to the same meeting.

All these and similar incidents are totally unnecessary if the companies adopt a simple binary plan that facilitates powerleg spill-over.

What if you do not need to talk to anyone about your business because the system provides tools that do the talking?

This is probably the area that separates the professional from the rest of the pack. A network marketing business should be done the same way other professional people do their work.

Take your dentist for instance. Does he go about from office to office and street to street asking people “if I could show you how to uproot a problem tooth, would you give me ten minutes of your time?”

Many network marketers are frustrated mainly because they lack effective tools that do the talking. To succeed in this field without losing your sanity and your circle of friends, you must have a system that sorts, pre-sells, invites, presents, follows up, and converts prospects.

An automated system should also recruit them into the team even before you could set your eyes on them for the first time!

Sounds like African magic?

You’ve not even heard the best part yet!

What about owning your own online marketing system?

Any network marketing upline leader that does not provide an online marketing system for his team is not good enough to be your sponsor. You need to run your business and make huge commissions from the comfort of your home.

Without an automated system distributors will never have access to professional network marketing tools, and this makes the work tedious, unprofessional and unattractive to prospects.

The highest common factor that converts a prospect is the prospect of using the same automated system that makes your offer so irresistible to him.

Knowing that when he signs up, he will have access to the same online marketing system to refer prospects and a webstore to promote the products, there is no better incentive to motivate him.

But that is not all.

Choosing a company with a generous compensation plan is another factor.

The common denominator of downline retention and motivation is instant result.  

When a new distributor recruits an affiliate, he must be rewarded immediately if he is to remain excited.

This is where most stingy companies with selfish compensation plans fall flat with their backs on the ground!

Encouraging a new sign-up with a fantastic First Order Bonus as soon as he signs up a referral is the smartest thing to do, even smarter than enrolling distributors and placing them under him.

Rather than promising a new distributor all the kingdoms of the earth and their glory in two-to-four years, it makes more sense to let him feel the result of each little success he makes in two to four weeks.

Does that make sense to you?

If so, get set to discover how average people are making money in Nigeria and building massive organizations of network marketing distributors in a relatively short period of time and earning crazy income using a revolutionary business system that works for you even while you sleep.

You cannot afford the luxury of waiting another 2-4 years for network marketing success to happen! No time is better than now!

Revealed at last! The Hidden Secret To Network Marketing Success!

If there is any “secret” to making money in network marketing, it is found in this quote by Michael Gerber, author of E-Myth:

"System permit ordinary people to achieve extra-ordinary result, predictably. However without a system, even extra-ordinary people find it difficult to predictably achieve even ordinary result." 

System makes things easier, faster and cheaper; and almost every industry takes advantage of this advancement in simplifying their work routine. It serves as leverage for increased productivity and reduces manpower needs.

If you want to get less done in more time, do it manually.
If you want to get more done in less time, use a system.

An automated business system with the three vital components is the secret of success in network marketing.

When it comes to making money in network marketing, a powerful and effective system gives you an edge over all other network marketers who are going round the block making noise and giving the industry a bad reputation.

A professional system saves you from falling into the trap of constituting a nuisance to people who never asked for your advice on starting a business of their own.

How would you feel if you logged into your back office and discovered that you have ten or more people who have just joined your team, people you’ve not talked to and you are yet to set your eyes on them?

Wouldn't it be great to be working at your present job while spending few hours a week using a professional automated business system to build your network marketing business and create another source of income for yourself?

Making Money from Network Marketing Is No Longer A Mystery!

After years of research and brainstorming we developed a complete turnkey system that allows anyone anywhere to start and succeed in network marketing without going through the ugly ordeal that most people experience.

Our combined experience spanning over twenty-seven years gave birth to the ONLY system that truly empowers ordinary folks like you to achieve extraordinary result without adding more stress to your life.

We have also partnered with a wonderful company that has an amazingly generous compensation plan that keeps distributors motivated with instant reward for every single success no matter how little.

It is our pleasure to extend to you a warm welcome to our highly recommended company  and our "Blast Income System" that has been described as a “one-touch solution” to making money through network marketing.

Take the next step and discover how you can completely transform your life by launching a WILDLY profitable new business in record time!

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